GitRoom Manager

GitRoom Manager

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GitRoom Manager allows instructors to more easily manage a GitHub-based virtual classroom. From within the program, the user can:



To install the grm module, clone the repository to your local machine and cd into the top-level directory. From the terminal, type:

python install

NOTE: You may need to use python3 or python3.x in place of python in order to utilize a Python 3.x installation.

You may also install with pip:

pip install grm

NOTE: Depending on your installation may need to use pip3 in place of pip.


You can call GitRoom Manager from within an interactive Python session by calling:

import grm

The installation also adds an executable script to your path. You can call GitRoom Manager from terminal using:

$ gitroom

NOTE: The command line script is just a wrapper for the first set of commands above. The script searches your environment for your Python 3.x interpreter. If it cannot find it, the script may revert to your system Python interpreter—which is often 2.x—and may fail. If you have trouble with the command line script, first make sure that your Python 3.x interpreter is in your system path and callable by python3.


A more complete manual for GitRoom Manager can be found at