Workshop on R

May 2018

Hosted by Virginia Education Science Training (VEST) Program at UVA

Getting started

Data set codebooks


variable description
stu_id student id
sch_id school id
strat_id stratum
psu primary sampling unit
bystuwt student weight
bysex sex-composite
byrace student’s race/ethnicity-composite
bydob_p student’s year and month of birth
bypared parents’ highest level of education
bymothed mother’s highest level of education-composite
byfathed father’s highest level of education-composite
byincome total family income from all sources 2001-composite
byses1 socio-economic status composite, v.1
byses2 socio-economic status composite, v.2
bystexp how far in school student thinks will get-composite
bynels2m els-nels 1992 scale equated sophomore math score
bynels2r els-nels 1992 scale equated sophomore reading score
f1qwt questionnaire weight for f1
f1pnlwt panel weight, by and f1 (2002 and 2004)
f1psepln f1 post-secondary plans right after high school
f2ps1sec Sector of first postsecondary institution