Subset results to those within specified area around zip code.

sc_zip(sccall, zip, distance = 25, km = FALSE)



Current list of parameters carried forward from prior functions in the chain (ignore)


A 5-digit zipcode


An integer distance in miles or kilometers


A boolean value set to TRUE if distance should be in kilometers (default is FALSE for miles)


Zip codes with leading zeros (Northeast) can be called either using a string ('02111') or as a numeric (02111). R will drop the leading zero from the second version, but sc_zip() will add it back before the call. The shortened version without the leading zero may also be used (2111 and '2111' both become '02111'), but is not recommended for clarity.


if (FALSE) { sc_zip(37203) sc_zip(37203, 50) sc_zip(37203, 50, km = TRUE) sc_zip('02111') # 1. Using string sc_zip(02111) # 2. Dropped leading zero will be added sc_zip(2111) # 3. Will become '02111' (not recommended) }